Sorena Nadaf MS, MMI

Sorena Nadaf MS, MMI

Sorena Nadaf, M.S., M.MI is Senior Vice President & Chief Informatics Officer, for City of Hope.  He serves as the Director, Center for Informatics, overseeing a programs targeting Digital Health Innovation, Information Technology, and Translational Bioinformatics.

Prior to joining the City of Hope in 2016, Sorena spent a decade at University of California San Francisco as CIO and Associate Director for the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and UCSF's Chief Informatics Officer.  At UCSF Sorena also served as the inaugural Director of the Translational Informatics (TI) Program, where he architected a Institution wide Digital, and Biomedical Informatics focused Super Shared Resource.  As a international leader in Precision Medicine, Sorena’s vision and strategies enabled the enterprise collection, exchange, and integration of distributed, multi-dimensional, and heterogeneous clinical and biomedical data, in addition to aiding in the education of Applied Informatics and Healthcare IT. UCSF's infrastructure and roadmaps for Clinical Research and Bio specimen Banking was a direct result of his work, not to mention systems in place supporting patient reported outcomes and electronic medical record interoperability.  While at UCSF, Sorena was instrumental in the creation and launch of the Institute for Computational Health Sciences (ICHS), where he also was Chair of its IT infrastructure, with an initial focus on a scalable enterprise-class High-Performance Compute eco-system.  

Sorena was a leading figure in the Information Technology transformation across UCSF during his tenure, including the implementation of its new EMR, CTMS, LIMS, NLP, Patient Reported Outcomes information systems, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Enterprise Analytics, and a few other key scalable platforms with a focus on interoperability standards positioning UCSF well into the 21st century.   A final highlight for Sorena during his tenure at UCSF was his role on its Precision Medicine Platform Executive Committee, where the roadmap for precision based targeted care at UCSF was created. Prior to this, he spent over 12 years at Vanderbilt University as CIO and Director of Clinical and Biomedical Informatics for the Ingram Cancer Center.

Today, at the City of Hope, a key focus for Sorena continues to be on the optimization and translation of Data Science across basic research and clinical discoveries into practical clinical applications, requiring a highly integrated IT and Informatics environment.  The modern healthcare environment has evolved, and Sorena is a prime hybrid C"I"O, where the "I" bridges Information and Informatics through his Systems Medicine based enterprise architecture development practices and strategies.  Through this mechanism, he has designed an effective and efficient IT roadmap toward the ultimate goal of Precision Medicine, translating discovery into improved clinical outcomes and care delivery.  

Sorena has spent over 20 years refining this process and how to architect such an environment by combining AI, Data Science, modern system capabilities, clinical care engineering, the information-driven nature of clinical practice, research and education, and the need to provide ultimately, the highest quality patient care in an efficient manner. A fundamental mission has always been to deliver a baseline suite of enterprise IT services to support not only fundamental needs, but also the needs of translational, biomedical, and clinical research.  This has allowed him to extend on the standardization, capture, storage, and dissemination of biomedical, clinical and basic research data that can easily be securely merged, integrated, or aggregated with other data sets.

Sorena currently serves on a number of National Healthcare IT and Biomedical Informatics focused boards, working groups and review committees including the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine: Interdisciplinary Categories in Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics, JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics Journal, Associate Editor for IEEE Computer Society – Transactions on Computers.  He serves on the Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Information Technology Resources (GIR), NCI Group Tissue Banking Committee Informatics subcommittee, and over a dozen Community Hospital, CTSA and NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center IT,  CCSG, and Informatics External Advisory Boards.  Sorena has been active within the AACI-CRI community and a former Steering Committee board member.   Sorena was nominated and now serves on the NIH / NCI's CTAC Clinical Research Informatics Committee.  Prior to this, he co-Chaired the NIH/NCI CTMS Executive Committee for almost 5 years.

Finally, Sorena co-founded and led the development of “CI4CC” – Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers, a not-for-profit international Informatics and Precision Oncology society dedicated to Applied Informatics & Information Technology, with a special focus on every NCI-Designated Cancer Center.  CI4CC has quickly become recognized as the nations leading applied Healthcare IT education society, developing strategies in Personalized Medicine, OMICS, Clinical Trials, and Translational Bioinformatics.  CI4CC has now extended to dozens of community hospitals, oncology programs, Pharma, and especially Industry leading IT and Informatics organizations.  In 2017 Sorena was named as one of the top ten Healthcare CIO's to follow on social media.