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  3. Gold

  4. Platinum

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Welcome to "Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers" (CI4CC), a focused Healthcare and Academically led professional organization and educational society revolving around all Oncology disciplines in Healthcare IT, Digital Platforms, Informatics, OMIC's, Precision Medicine, Clinical Operations, Research Systems, Value Based Care, & Population Health.  CI4CC was launched in 2013 as a not for profit 501c3 organization. With a special focus on all NCI Designated Cancer Centers, CI4CC has become the nation's premier oncology focused Informatics and IT consortia where executive and senior decision makers in Healthcare, Academia, Pharma, and Technology Corporations come together.  It is intended to provide a focused forum for engagement and education of executive C-level and very senior cancer informatics & cancer Healthcare Information leaders, primarily aimed at academic & community cancer centers anywhere in the world.

As a Precision Oncology focussed society led by Cancer Center Professionals, we are into our 6th year of hosting  strategic, hands-on face-to-face Summits and Workshops.  These meetings have centered on the pragmatic operational issues that face each of us as Precision Medicine domain experts and Informatics Leaders at our respective healthcare organization.  This is a consortium of decision makers and enablers across any Cancer Center.  

Who regularly attends?

  • Oncologists
  • Cancer Center Directors 
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Institue of Health
  • FDA and CDC
  • Clinical Trialist, Clinical Trials Officers
  • CRO's
  • Translational Researchers
  • Data Scientists
  • Chief Informatics Officers
  • Chief Medical Information Officers
  • Chief Research Information Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • IT Directors
  • Chief Strategy Officers
  • Cancer Center Shared Resource Directors & Managers
  • Chairs of Departments of Biomedical and Clinical Informatics
  • System Biologists
  • Commercial Genomic Laboratories
  • Pharma and Industry Leaders
  • Biotech Leaders
  • All 70 NCI Designated Cancer Centers
  • Top 50 US Medical Centers
  • Dozens of Community Cancer Ceenters

Our Directors Circle is one of a kind. 

Build your brand, generate quality leads, initiate institutional collaborations and Initiatives, and build lasting relationalships.  The Ci4CC Bi-Annual Meetings and Workshops offers an extensive selection of dynamic support opportunities to expand your competitive edge, improve your company’s visibility, image and credibility among the professionals attending this important international meeting. The integration of sponsorship and advertising into the symposium activities are the keys that enable corporations to reach their entire target audience. Dependent upon the level of sponsorship, sponsors will be listed on the Ci4CC website between 6 months to one year. 


2020 Corporate Sponsorship Information

Waived Sponsorship:  This includes approved corporations new to the Ci4CC Socieity and also qualified corporations in startup phase within their first 18 months of existence.  An approval email is required for waived sponsorship.  Waived Corporate Registration Fee is $3000 per attendee and can be completed online.  This registration fee covers access to all sessions & events.

Bronze:  This entry level sponsorship highlights your corporation at pre-selected venues during the event.  Bronze level sponsorship also promotes your company with all attendees during the conference, on this website, & on society mobile app for the year.  This entry level sponsorship requires an additional corporate registration fee of $2500 per person.

Silver and Gold:  These next two sponsorship levels, besides obtaining very specific conference engagement and panel participation, have corporate registration fees waived for two and four persons accordingly.  You also have a booth option included with both categories.  Please request Grid for details and breakdown.

Platinum Option:  Besides the three levels of sponsorship as described, Platinum status qualifies a very special "Stand-Alone Keynote" option, and will waive registration up to four corporate attendees.

Once requested, the Sponsorship Menu / Grid will allow you to choose and fine-tune your time, expectations, and exposure level to the CI4CC community.  You also gain the ability to provide a virtual web based presentation to the Ci4CC Society once throughout the year over our popular monthly community calls.  Please see previous Keynote addresses available online in the membership section for download, and do contact us with regards to Platinum options. Keynote's are limited, requiring approval by conference Chairs and Board. 

Corporate Attendee Registration Modified for 2020

After selection of sponsorship level from the Grid, you can easily register corporate attendees online.

During the process of completing your 2020 Sponsorship Grid and Application Form, you will also have the opportunity to list the names of event attendees.  You may also reach the CI4CC Event Manager, Tim Adamich at for additional information.

CI4CC adheres to guidelines when working with outside funding to ensure independence and autonomy of both organizations. The program and sponsorship/support agreement must comply with industry guidelines (e.g., the American Medical Association, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, Council of Medical Specialty Societies, and the Office of the Inspector General), operate within our principles of medical ethics and acceptable medical practice, and subsidize both direct and indirect program costs.

Corporate Sponsors: Poster and Web-based Logo Graphics Information

Please upload a file with Corporate Logo in jpg format for print use, and an EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) file in color for online and onsite signage use. Logos and graphics provided for event material and posters must be a minimum of 200ppi resolution or higher.

Upload Files

Corporate Sponsors: Booth Information Not Applicable for 2020

If shipping your booth for the upcoming Spring 2019 CI4CC Workshop and Symposium in La Jolla, I please send any questions via an email to Tim Adamich, Ci4CC Director of Logistics and Operations

Sending In and Shipping out Booth Material:  You are responsible for making arrangements with Hotel and Courier (FedEx & UPS) for pickup and delivery.  

Shipment Attn: Your Contact Name and Phone Number, CI4CC 2019 Fall Conference

Please note: for all material you will be shipping back,  you will need make arrangements and contact your preferred carrier for pick up at the resort, as we do not offer those services.  Please call FedEx Ground or UPS to make your arrangements. Items can only be shipped 3 days prior to the scheduled event and must be shipped back within 3 days after.

Any further questions?  Please email Tim Adamich ( regarding logo’s and files, and also if any detailed questions regarding booths at the event. Please also contact Mr. Adamich if you have any special audio/visual requests.


Sponsorship Contacts

Please send an email to the CI4CC CFO & Director of Marketing requesting a 2020 Sponsorship Grid and Application Form. The Grid will provide an overview, formal application, and breakdown of sponsorship levels.

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