ASCO CancerLinQ

New Collaboration within Big Data Unites Leading Oncology Professionals to Bring Improvements to Cancer Care 






CancerLinQ™ is a health information technology platform from CancerLinQ LLC, a subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Inc., containing vast amounts of real-world cancer information aimed at enhancing and improving the understanding and treatment of cancer.

Each person’s cancer experience tells a unique story. When these stories come together, they become a powerful tool that can actually improve cancer care for everyone, everywhere.

This big data initiative is a rapid learning health system that allows providers to improve the quality and value of care by analyzing millions of cancer patient medical records, uncovering patterns and trends, and measuring their care against that of their peers and recommended guidelines.

When a provider participates in CancerLinQ, treatment information about patients is added to a database that includes thousands of other people with cancer. Providers can use this information to help make decisions about their patients’ care, and, in turn, their patients’ information contributes to the care of others.

The CancerLinQ LLC leadership team is comprised of staff dedicated to leveraging big data to help understand and conquer cancer.  In order left to right below:

Robert Miller MD, FASCO, FACP: Medical Director

Cory Wiegert, CEO CancerLinQ & Executive Vice President ASCO


The Initiative

The collaboration between CI4CC and CancerLinQ brings together the oncology community with leading clinical, genomics, and biomedical informaticists, academicians, applied research information technology (IT) professionals, data scientists and other experts from cancer centers across the United States and around the world.

CancerLinQ is committed to bringing together the entire healthcare community by building coalitions to support collaboration, data sharing, and knowledge exchange to empower users in actionable, data-driven discovery and decision-making to help improve cancer care.

Join us. Learn more about CancerLinQ™.