A federated, patient-first approach to optimize the trial portfolio for cancer centers

The need for collaborative patient-matching to increase recruitment for cancer trials

Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT) are a critical step in translating scientific advancements into innovative cancer cures. However, enrollment in IITs remains a huge problem for leading research institutions with 67% of IITs accruing 0 patients. This problem is exacerbated through precision medicine, where accrual is significantly lower than non-precision trials (less than half based on a pilot study). Industry initiatives aim to solve enrollment problems, though none of them include IITs or are institution or portfolio-focused.

Many technologies and data definitions exist in silos to help identify patients/trial matching, making it difficult to rapidly innovate and leverage on collaborative successes.  It’s time to integrate all of them together to improve trial matching for all trials.  Advances in standard of care therapies cannot happen without accrual and successful completion of clinical trials.

The CTMatch4CC Initiative

Forte is launching the CTMatch4CC initiative to make technology and standards-based data the catalyst for translating bench science into feasible, successful IITs.

The mission of CTmatch4CC is to significantly increase recruitment for cancer trials while helping patients through a collaborative initiative between CI4CC, technology providers, NCI Cancer Centers and the NCI.

To accomplish this together, we will co-develop and publish:

  • Standard data dictionary
  • API definitions

To identify potential patients matching trial eligibility criteria, to be freely available and in the public domain.

As a result, cancer centers will fully utilize their network of patients, enroll more of the right patients on the right trials, improve the comprehensive impact of their centers (core grants), and advance cancer research for cures.

Get Involved

Register here for the series of working group calls held monthly. This initial kick-off is open to administrators, directors, and informatics. Working groups will proceed thereafter focusing on informatics.

Email laura.hilty@forteresearch.com or regina.schwind@forteresearch.com for questions.

Initiative Leads

Laura Hilty
VP, Product Management:  laura.hilty@forteresearch.com

Regina Schwind
Director of Research Operations:  Regina.schwind@forteresearch.com