Paul A. Fearn Memorial Scholarship

For Data Science in Oncology

Est. April 15th, 2019 by Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers








The Paul A. Fearn Young Professional Annual Keynote and The Paul A. Fearn Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to an eligible Post doctoral or Graduate student or Young Professional focusing on the technological advancement in the field of informatics, human computer interaction, or entrepreneurship and innovation of Data Science in Oncology. 

The Paul A. Fearn Young Professional Annual Keynote is designed to highlight the project initiatives of the awarded individual(s) to the Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers’ Society during a stand alone poster session and keynote presentation at each Fall event.

This honor allows for maximum exposure among top NCI Cancer Center scientists in the field allowing for increased support and collaboration among professional peers. The Candidate will also be awarded a one time $2,500 scholarship to support their ongoing research endeavors to further their Data Science initiative in the legacy of Dr. Paul A. Fearn..

Paul was a respected leader in Cancer Informatics. He contributed to the field through not only his vast technical expertise, but also through a powerful combination of creative strategy, innovative approaches, and insightful empathy.  As a huge proponent of young professionals and students, he supported an environment to cultivate new skills and instilled the confidence required to advance their professional careers. He provided steadfast guidance and support to not only his team but to many that he encountered, promoting innovation and openness among colleagues across fields. He believed in free thought and encouraged novel and sometimes wild ideas! 

We hope that we can continue supporting early career students and professionals who aim to build cancer informatics solutions through creative and innovative avenues. We especially hope this helps carefully build or improve technologies, processes, and tools that not only engage, but empower patients in advancing cancer research.

Eligibility for The Paul Fearn Memorial Scholarship Award will be announced by June 1st 2019​, including the application and selection process / criteria.

  1. Please submit a letter with detailed description of the eligible research/initiative project, goals and achievements, primary point of contact (including address and phone number), affiliations/collaborations and a narrative bio of the investigator to:
  2. Award funds are for the purpose of supplementing ongoing research projects. Please indicate in your letter of application, a proposal of how funds will be allocated.
  3. Deadline for application submission will be August 31st, 2019. 
  4. The selection of the Keynote and Scholarship Candidate(s) will be announced September 30th, 2019. 
Scholarship Awards are awarded without regard to race, sex, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. CI4CC maintains impartiality in the selection of scholarship awards, and scholarships are awarded solely based on the merits of the application letter.