Dear Cancer Informatics for Cancer Center community,

Your societies current national initiatives, collaborations, and major recognition efforts are listed here. To continue adding to this growing list, please send your project abstract to for review by our scientific advisory committee. We will bring each proposal to our monthly community teleconference calls for open discussion and review.

Thank you,
Ci4CC Team

Initiatives & Recognitions

  • ASCO's CancerLinQ 
  • Paul A. Fearn Memorial Scholarship
  • Precision Oncology Platforms
  • Oncology Networks of Networks
  • EMR Mulit-OMIC Data Interoperability
  • Genomics and Proteomics Informatics Eco Systems
  • CTmatch4CC:  A Federated Patient First Approach to Optimize Clinical Trials at NCI Cancer Centers
  • Data Lakes and Data Sharing
  • Next Generation Clinical Trials Managment Systems
  • NCI CCSG Focussed IT & Informatics Shared Resources
  • NLP & Machine Learning Cancer Coalition
  • Digital Health Innovation Virtual Laboratories
  • Decision Support & Predictive Analytics in Cancer


Corporate Partners

Premier Partners